Presenters at The Story Conference

As you would have seen in a previous blog post, I very excited to announce that I am speaking at the 2016 Story Conference.

It runs from the 23rd to the 25th November 2016, here in Melbourne, and the theme is Influencing Cultural Change One Story at a Time.

There really is a great line up of workshop topics and presenters at this years conference as you can see here. There are three sessions in particular I am personally looking forward too. Continue reading

The Stick Approach – that seems to work

One of the areas that causes the most debate and difference of opinion in change is the role that incentives and disincentives play in motivating human behaviour.

I am sure we all have examples where blunt, ill designed, incentives or disincentives have failed to drive a desired behaviour, without the support and alignment of other approaches.

However, I saw an interesting example recently that does appear to work by using an incentive/disincentive alone.

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