A fool-proof way to create change?

I was introduced to this video when I did the incredible Immunity to Change – Facilitators Workshop with Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey at Harvard a few years ago.

For me, it perfectly sums up how many organisations and individuals believe how you go about changing something.

How simple can life be? Want to give up smoking – just stop it. Want to reduce your weight – just stop eating. Want to be change (enter behaviour of your choice) – just do it.

Makes me wonder why I have spent (wasted?) my entire career exploring the complexity of how to influencing change if that is all it takes.

One thought on “A fool-proof way to create change?

  1. Kerry Rosser says:

    How appropriate , how many time have we (I) heard words of wisdom like this ‘ just do it, it cant be that hard surely’ and the same people saying it are those that are flabbergasted when the change in behaviour doesn’t work.


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