It’s just not helping anyone

I was doing my regular Twitter trawl this morning for the latest thinking on behaviour change and I came upon an initiative in the UK called the The Change Project. It’s a program designed to reduce domestic violence by encouraging men and women to reflect on and then, through support, change their abusive behaviour.

The video they created for the program is well worth a watch, especially at this time of the year when it’s well known rates of domestic violence increase.

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Polo Shirts, Getting Closer to Your Customers and the Dangers of Looking at the Wrong Thing

It was a typical senior leadership event at a large bank. Fancy hotel ballroom, round tables set out cabaret style, large screens around the walls, loud music and a raised stage in the middle of it all. Standing on that stage was the up-and-coming  Senior Manager who was Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the day. Introducing the executive speakers, announcing the new corporate video, signalling the breaks and times to be back and acting as the ‘link’ between it all.

I’ve been to many of these events in my time in financial services here in Australia and the UK, but this one was pleasantly different. The reason? The MC was a natural storyteller.

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