When you’ve got to feel it in your bones

To create awareness of why a change in behaviour is needed, you need people to feel that need for change. In a recent blog post I talked about John Kotter’s concept of See, Feel, Change and the role it plays in the change process.

In that blog post I shared one of my favourite stories about how a procurement specialist got his senior management team to feel the need for change around product rationalisation and centralised procurement. When you explain the story like that, it sounds like the most boring story known to mankind! But, it’s not. It’s a story I share often to bring the concept of See, Feel, Change to life.

If I have time, and it’s an area the audience has interest in, and struggles with, then I also share with them a clip from the BBC series Spendaholics.

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See, Feel, Change

Often one of the challenges when trying to support people to change their behaviour is finding a way to convince them a behaviour even needs to changed in the first place.

It’s the first step in any change process – awareness that a change needs to occur. However, the way you create that awareness can make a difference in your chances of changing that behaviour.

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Evidence, Facts and Story

One of the regular challenges I have to overcome when working with groups on improving their use of story in organisations is the seemingly common belief that – there are stories and there are facts.

I hear it all the time. Stories and facts are two distinct and different things. I have even seen someone draw a continuum, where ‘facts’ are at one end, and ‘story’ is at the other.

There’s just one problem with this belief – it’s wrong.

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