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Influencing Change is a boutique management consultancy that specialises in helping organisations develop the capability to consistently deliver successful change.

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How well you deliver change in your organisation is a huge competitive advantage. Building this capability is what we do best at Influencing Change. In a methodical, holistic and structured way we assess your current maturity level and then develop a series of integrated interventions to improve how well, and how quickly, you deliver change. It … Continue reading Consulting


Building your people’s skills, knowledge and understanding is one of the key components in developing your ability to successfully influence and deliver change. Here at Influencing Change we have a number of training programs targeted specifically at the groups that play the most important roles in making change happen – Sponsors, Leaders & Project professionals. … Continue reading Training


Organisations are always looking for interesting, informative and thought-provoking speakers. Sadly, too often subject matter experts that speak about change are not interesting or engaging. It’s normally really good content, delivered in a way that isn’t at all memorable. However, speakers that are engaging and interesting often have little to say that actually changes behaviour back in … Continue reading Speaking