How well you deliver change in your organisation is a huge competitive advantage. Building this capability is what we do best at Influencing Change. In a methodical, holistic and structured way we assess your current maturity level and then develop a series of integrated interventions to improve how well, and how quickly, you deliver change. It is an approach based extensive research and over 20 years experience working in the field.

We have written a blog post on how most organisations approach getting better at change, and why they just don’t work.

So if these three common approaches offer little in the way of building an organisation’s capability to deliver successful change consistently, how do you do it?

You start by understanding all the elements that make up an organisations ability to deliver change, consistently and successfully. The model below – based on extensive research and our experience – outlines all these  key elements.


You then assess where you are in regards to each of these areas, using the Change Capability Maturity Model which we have also developed.

Now you know where you are, you can discuss where you want to be, by when, and then we work with you to start developing the interventions required to improve the way you deliver change.

This is a very simplistic explanation of the process, so please contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation develop the capability to consistently deliver successful change

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