Building your people’s skills, knowledge and understanding is one of the key components in developing your ability to successfully influence and deliver change. Here at Influencing Change we have a number of training programs targeted specifically at the groups that play the most important roles in making change happen – Sponsors, Leaders & Project professionals.

Why these three groups? Simply put they are the most important groups when it comes to delivering successful change. Too often organisations spread their resources and efforts too thinly when they attempt to train all their people at once, especially if it’s the same content for all audiences.

By focussing on audience-specific content for Sponsors, Leaders & Project professionals you are building the skills, knowledge and ability amongst the crucial groups who have the biggest impact on leading, delivering and embedding change in your organisation.

We often get asked why our change training is different. We believe it is down to three things:

(1) Based on research and science

Our training is based on the latest research and science about what actually works in changing and embedding new behaviours. It takes research from neuroscience , behaviour change and the science of human motivation to teach people the things that have actually been proven to work.

(2) Focussed on embedding learning

The whole focus of our training is to help participants get better at influencing change back in the ‘real world’. This means the content is practical, actionable and with clear steps to turn ‘knowing’ into ‘doing’. There is work for participants before, during and after the actual sessions which focus on how they apply, and have applied the learning. It also involves working with their Line Managers to ensure they play an active role in supporting the participant in their learning and to align any development plans and performance measures to the new learnings.

(3) The way it’s delivered

We pride ourselves on the way our training sessions are designed and delivered. We work hard to ensure they are engaging and memorable. Not because the aim of the sessions is for people have fun or a good time, but because all the research shows, that is when people learn best. We use examples, stories and videos from all walks of life, not just business, to teach people about change and help them better remember the learning.

Contact us to discuss delivering one of our training sessions at your organisation, or, alternatively, we can customise to suit your specific needs.

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