Organisations are always looking for interesting, informative and thought-provoking speakers. Sadly, too often subject matter experts that speak about change are not interesting or engaging. It’s normally really good content, delivered in a way that isn’t at all memorable. However, speakers that are engaging and interesting often have little to say that actually changes behaviour back in the workplace. Great on the day, little difference in changing behaviours.

Here at Influencing Change we absolutely believe that great presentations can be summed up in four words – great content, delivered well. What do we mean by this?

(1) Great content

Material that is thought-provoking, valuable to the audience and actionable back in the office. It’s based on the latest research and science, as well as on real world experiences. It increases knowledge, challenges existing ways of thinking and gives practical first steps to put this new learning into action.

(2) Delivered well

Delivered in an engaging and memorable way through the use of stories and humour. It is about giving the audience examples from all walks of life, not just business, to show them how people just like them have been able to change behaviour, solve problems and create great things for themselves, their organisations and their customers. It’s also about having the right amount of content for the time available – not trying to cram too much in!

To give you one example of our work, here’s a presentation Kevin Bishop from Influencing Change gave last year on leading change in a complex environment


We also believe that having a list of ‘standard presentations’ that you just chose from misses the point. A great presentation is one that is tailored for the audience. At Influencing Change we start by working with you to understand more about the audience, your business and the current challenges you face. We can then present you with some topics and options  that we believe will best meet your needs.

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