Presenters at The Story Conference

As you would have seen in a previous blog post, I very excited to announce that I am speaking at the 2016 Story Conference.

It runs from the 23rd to the 25th November 2016, here in Melbourne, and the theme is Influencing Cultural Change One Story at a Time.

There really is a great line up of workshop topics and presenters at this years conference as you can see here. There are three sessions in particular I am personally looking forward too.

    1. Dr Cathryn Lloyd’s session on Provenance: Stories of professional practice. Provenance is a process for reflecting on professional practice. Cathryn says it creates a starting point for practitioner inquiry, creating a framework for interrogating one’s own practice and/or soliciting other practitioners’ professional stories to build meaning about how a given practice is understood and undertaken. Be great to gain insights into, and get a deeper understanding of the whole concept of professional practice.
    2. The cleverly named session “Hear the story, resolve the complaint” presented by Angela Hume. Angela’s workshop is all about being able to elicit and understand customer stories in complaint, dispute and conflict situations. I’m interested from someone who has customers, but also as a customer who has had to get their own complaints understood and listened too!
    3. And then for something completely different – Simon Kneebone’s “Cartoons – 3 Second Stories“. Simon says it takes about 3 seconds to read a cartoon, and that short amount of time  can be enough to challenge thoughts, confront attitudes and question the status quo. In his workshop he is firstly going to show how the 3 Second Story works, and then we as particpants will get to play around with ideas for using the 3 Second Story principles in new ways to continue to sow ideas for change. Can’t wait!

To learn more about all the presenters, including me, we were asked to share our favourite story quote, story book and story YouTube link for the conference.  Click here to see what they are.

Special Offer! If you still haven’t booked your conference ticket, get in touch and I can offer you a $50 discount!

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