Don’t take our word for it – here’s some of the clients we have worked for, and with, and here is some of what they have said …

Kevin, from Influencing Change, regularly assists us in various activities, and has been an outstanding presenter at our workshops for Change Semantics. His experiences in business management, transformation strategies and organisational change across a myriad of industries affords him the ability to understand the “widgets”  and drive targeted outcomes for his clients.


Raechelle McLean – Director of Change Semantics

Having participated in a workshop with Kevin from Influencing Change, which was quickly followed by an opportunity to put theory into practice, I am an absolute convert when it comes to the power of storytelling to affect, as well as effect, change. Kevin’s style and techniques are all about disruption and agitating for true strategic change. Kevin demonstrated that the tired, mundane ways of influencing outcomes cannot, and do not, achieve sustained behavioural change; and now that I understand this, there’s no turning back. Difficult as it was to confront my own misconceptions and challenge the status quo as a change practitioner, I wouldn’t have it any other way

Madeline Oldfield

Kevin, from Influencing Change, is a master storyteller, a true natural when it comes to showing the value of using stories as a highly effective communication tool. His passion for what he delivers shines through in every interaction; he absolutely practices what he preaches. Through Kevin’s mentoring, I’ve learned to automatically tell stories in all conversations, across any level.

Heath Ewinger – Change Professional